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What Is the Weiler Method?

When it comes to Pilates, strength training, posture correction and even yoga – most people have preconceived thoughts. Pilates is Pilates no matter where you go, who teaches it, or which moves you focus on.

And while a common, and understandable, consensus – this could not be further from the truth. Though termed the same, Pilates, athletic training, rehabilitation, and even skincare are approached vastly different depending on the experience and approach of the practitioner.

With over 40 collective years in health and wellness, Carlyn and Wolfgang Weiler have years of experience learning from renowned practitioners all over the world. Encouraged to develop their own methods and training programs, based on experience with professional and Olympic medal-winning athletes, the Weiler’s have combined the best and most effective techniques into a single approach the Weiler Method.

Made up of five primary areas body balance, functional movement, postural alignment, relaxation and energetic skincare the Weiler Method takes on a well rounded approach to balancing, reorganizing, and revitalizing the natural energies in the body, both internally and externally.

Hear for yourself what makes the Weiler Method significantly different from any health and wellness counterparts and how it can change your body and mind for the better:

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