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The Weiler Academy Fitness and Wellness

Carlyn Weiler February 13, 2018 0 comments 0

The Weiler Academy is a learning center where we teach fitness, wellness, relaxation and how to take care of your body in healthy wholistic way.

Our fitness and healthy living programs are taught in a hands-on method.  These training techniques teaches how to do the exercises and movements the correct way.  We offer classes for all ages and abilities.

Movement is life!

Our floatation therapy offers the complete relaxation experience.  The pod is filled with 200 gallons of water and 1,050 pounds of Epsom salt.  Lay and float in the salt water and become sensory free.  Meditation is achieved in the pod as the body becomes relaxed and the brain goes into a deep theta state.

Our energetic skincare methods come from 35 years of quality products from Switzerland.  We offer a natural wholistic way of taking care of the skin using 100% natural products.  Award winning machines help detoxify the body.

We are now booking appointments for Spa, Float Pods, Energetic Balances, and Personal Training. Please call 920-288-2123 to book an appointment, we are currently not offering online bookings.