Kevin Kotarek
Weiler Academy Client

Kevin is the owner of the Tippy Canoe Sports bar, located in Euren, Wisconsin.

In January, Kevin had his first Corrective Balance appointment with Wolfgang Weiler at Weiler Academy. At that time he weighed 320 pounds. Now, 6 months later, he is down to 250 pounds!

AMAZING! How did he do it?

Kevin ‘s first step was the Food Test with Wolfie to discover the foods that his body could not digest or caused him inflammation –

next step – he completely changed his diet!

Cutting out sugars, like rice and corn and even had to change the kind of beer he drinks, Kevin lost 70 pounds since January!

What is his secret to success?

He followed Wolfie’s suggestions “to a T” (well about 90-95% of the time.)

Not only did Kevin lose weight, but when he first saw Wolfie his ankle was the size of an elephant and after 2 sessions, his ankle was back to normal!

Kevin’s goal is to lose an additional 25-30 pounds and he is well on his way!

Congratulations Kevin! We are all so proud of you!!

Weiler Academy The Results
Weiler Academy The Results
Weiler Academy The Results
Weiler Academy The Results

Sarah Pautz
Weiler Academy Client

When Sarah first came to us she weighed 230 pounds and after food testing with Wolfie she lost 15 pounds.

With Carlyn’s Nutritional Coaching and the complete elimination of sugar she continued to lose weight, is now able to maintain her weight and stop the Yo-Yo dieting she experienced her entire life.

She has now reached her lowest weight of 180 pounds!!

Sarah has no more back or joint pain and is living happier and a more balanced life~

Congratulations Sarah! We are all so proud of you!!

Interview with Sarah Pautz

Sarah had been in a cycle for 8 long years of losing weight and then regaining weight. The cycle kept going despite her best efforts. She finally found Weiler Academy and started working with Wolfgang Weiler and had success! She went from 230 down to 215. She had incredible results from the food testing that Wolfie had her do and was able to lose the weight.

Unfortunately, Sarah fell into the cycle again, regaining weight. It was not until she began working with Carlyn Weiler and her Integrative Nutrition Program that looks into how to balance her life and not just how to balance food. With the Nutritional Consulting Sarah was able to look at other areas of her life, such ascareer, education, relationships, social life, cooking, health, physical activity, spirituality and creativity to name a few. In the coaching, there are 12 different categories in the cycle of life that are present throughout the day and with the program you become self-aware as you rate yourself on how you are doing to keep the whole life in balance.

As Sarah worked with these principles she now is able to read her body with improved self-awareness and knows when she is full. Instead of attempting to fill other areas of her life with food.

Sarah follows Wolfie’s diet 100% of the time. She works out 4 days per week at Weiler Academy and walks additionally on her days off. She gets a body drain every other month, floats 2x per month. It is also what you put into your life and not just what you take out.

She realized her brain is a creature of habit and always fell back into old patterns, To rid the body of the bad habits she needed to reset the hormone balance in her body to become a bio individual and live clean.

When people comment to Sarah, “You are losing so much weight” she responds what Carlyn taught me, ” I am choosing me!”

As a School Teacher, Sarah is constantly giving, and now by implementing what she learned at Weiler Academy she is choosing to take care of herself and makes great life choices.

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