It's more than your lifestyle, it's your life.

What are you filing yours with?

When most people think eating and living well the first things that come to mind are fad diets, exhaustive workouts, restrictions based on good and bad foods.  Dwelling here will leave you unsatisfied and unsuccessful.

At Weiler Academy, our focus is on coaching you through small improvements and gradual lifestyle change to ensure your health and wellness — supporting your whole you.


Eat Well

When it comes to eating right, everyone is different.  Find your power foods so you can enjoy calories, not count them.


Feel Better

When you eat good you feel good.  Mentally and physiologically, the foods you put in your body affect the way you’ll feel.


Lose Weight

Weight loss is often a long, uphill battle.  Make shedding those pounds easy thanks to small, manageable changes.


Live Fully

You are guaranteed to look better, feel better and live more fully with only a handful of important lifestyle changes.

DON’T NIX DELICIOUS FOR NUTRITIOUS Delicious and nutritious can finally go hand in hand with hundreds of these simple clean food recipes. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet but powerful breakfast or looking for a simple savory snack, we’ll help make healthy eating fun and easy. EXPLORE RECIPES
Weiler Academy - Carlyn Weiler

If you’re looking for a healthier, happier relationship with food and your body, you’re in the right spot.  Carlyn Weiler, a Certified Health Coach, has more than 20 years of experience in health, wellness, nutrition and proper body movement.

Unlike other trainers and nutrition specialists, you can count on Carlyn to walk alongside you, take time to listen to your needs, guide and support you through your lifestyle changes.  Most importantly, she’ll help you discover your own wellness pathway — from finding the right foods to fueling your body to developing your own healthy habits.

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