Experience sensory deprivation and total relaxation in a Weiler Academy Float Pod

Floating creates a sense of weightlessness which relieves stress from every part of your body and mind.  The deep state of relaxation, achieved while floating, will “reset” the body’s hormonal and metabolic balance, accelerating  muscle recovery from strenuous exercise, relieving joint pain, improving sleep, reducing anxiety and improving mood as well as decreasing blood pressure and cortisol levels.  Float away to a healthier lifestyle!

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Weiler Academy Float Pod


Flotation therapy commonly known as isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank therapy, improves athletic performance and help prevent sports injuries, while speeding the healing process. Improved pain management by decreasing the production of cortisol and lactic acid allowing faster rehab and recovery.

Weiler Academy Float Pod


Promote peaceful relaxation, eliminates fatigue and jet lag, improves sleep, alleviates both mental and physical stress!  Floating is also proven to relieve anxiety and aids in healing of PTSD.

Weiler Academy Float Pod


Improve circulation and distribution of oxygen while reducing blood pressure for better health and wellness. Creates mental clarity, better problem solving, deepens meditation and accelerates learning.

“Floating has been studied for more than 30 years, and what we know from this research is that floating can relieve pain, it can reduce anxiety and lift the mood.  It can improve sleep, it can enhance athletic performance and even increase creativity and originality.  When you float, the relaxation response is elicited.  It’s marked by a reduction in the heart rate, a slowing of respiration, a lowering of the blood pressure, a decrease of cortisol levels, and relaxation of the muscles.  The reduction in sensory input allows both the mind and the body to rest.  So areas of the brain typically in a constant state of activation get to rest, and that is why when people emerge from the float, they report feeling calm, relaxed, rested, focused and rejuvenated.”

—Tait R Medina. PhD, Founder of Oto Float