AGELESS & BIOSTIMULATION FACIAL - Rejuvenate your skin with our Ageless La Cure line by PHYTO5®, and tone and firm your skin with our innovative, non-invasive approach to acupuncture. *Great facial to have before starting your 3-week Ageless Kit! 60 minutes – $95.
WEILER SIGNATURE CHROMALIFT - The Chromalift is an award-winning facial and works best when done in a series of 3-5 sessions. It is an energetic, holistic and effective face-lifting treatment with immediate results. Using the gentlest combination of light therapy and lymphatic drainage assisting to facilitate the movement of fluids, eliminating toxins, improving circulation, stimulating collagen, and toning the skin. 90 minutes – $135.
5 ELEMENT BALANCING FACIAL - This is a reflective energetic treatment for the face that also enhances the body’s sense of well-being. It combines five color clays rich in essential oils to balance skin that reflects a combination of conditions and non-invasive acupuncture. This energetic mask treatment leaves your skin with an even tone and luminous complexion. 75 minutes – $120.
PURIFYING ACNE TREATMENT - Detoxify your skin with a combination of light therapy, lymphatic drainage, extractions, steam, and essential oils to clear and purify your skin. 75 minutes – $120.
Purifying acne treatment
SINUS TREATMENT - Alleviate sinus pressure and get relief through a gentle combination of lymphatic drainage and sinus massage assisting to facilitate the movement of fluids, eliminating toxins, and improving circulation. *Great add on to the Lymphatic or Deluxe Lymphatic Body Treatment! 30 minutes – $50.
EYE TREATMENT - A quick and effective treatment to reduce puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles around the eye area. *Add this service to the Ageless & BioStimulatuer facial or any Body Service! 30 minutes – $50.
All PHYTO5® products are Eco-Certified and all natural.


Lip Treatment – A simple but effective addition to any facial. Light, invigorating exfoliation, a soothing mask, and moisturizing lip balm will make your lips look plump and feel soft. $8
Biostimulateur – Non-invasive acupuncture will give you optimal results paired with any facial. Focus on toning your skin, smoothing fine lines, and working with the natural origin of our organic functioning system. $25
Element Scalp Massage – Ease tension where you carry it most. Relaxing massage and specialized serums will make your scalp feel hydrated and soothed. $10
Paraffin dip with essential oils - Get "baby soft" hands and feet with warm paraffin wax enhanced with essential oils and light massage with our specialized hydrating body milk.
Post Pod Hydration – After a relaxing float let our Esthetician nourish and massage your skin with a personalized body gel. Leave feeling invigorated and moisturized! $25
Make-Up Touch Up – Have somewhere to go after a service? A light application of foundation matched perfectly to your skin and some mascara will help you with that! $10
Hot Stones & Oils – Add this to any facial or body service during a hand and foot massage for deeper relaxation. $20
AMETHYST BIOMAT –Improve circulation and help diminish pain while also boosting your immune system with Infrared heat and negative ions. Feel your body melt! $25

To Enhance your Service and add a treatment to your scheduled appointment, please call to allow our Wellness Expert or Esthetician to reserve the correct amount of time for your service.