Beauty is health made visible.

Your skin is a reflection of your internal wellness.

Our skin care services are proven to tighten, tone and non-surgically lift your face to give you the anti-aging and youthful results you are expecting from any skincare treatment.  Phyto5 the highest quality eco-certified, all natural and holistic Swiss formulated products are recognized by Vogue Magazine and found exclusive in Green Bay at Weiler Academy and other elite spas worldwide.

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Purifying acne treatment

50 Minutes | $95

Perfect for those with combination skin or teens with acne. Includes a deep cleanse, application of 2-3 masks to address imperfections and balance the skins pH – designed simply to heal.


the-face-biodrain earth

50 Minutes | $105

Cleanse, tone, algoderm mask, metal serum, bio-stimulation of acupressure points, a remineralizing and oxygenating treatment. Great sinus treatment to relieve those seasonal allergies!


Energetic Violet Clay Envelopment

90 Minutes | $135

Series of 3 | $400

Series of 5 | $650

You will definitely want to experience this holistic non-invasive face lifting treatment designed to detoxify, extract, mask and lift.



60 Minutes | $120

This facial includes 5 nutrient rich essential serums and masks applied to the appropriate reflex zones of the face. Balance your skin and harmonize your body systems with powerful products while we focus on the reflex zones of your face using our Biostimulator and Chromalift therapy.


Biodraineur Face

60 Minutes | $115

Identify your skin’s imbalance + experience your customized element appropriate line. Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, nourishing mask, energetic drainage, phyt’Ether serum, element mask, minerals and moisturizing finishing products. For best results schedule this facial withe each change of the seasons.


Weiler Academy Elemental Facial

90 Minutes | $160
Series of 3 | $450
Series of 5 | $750

This facial treatment is our best secret – designed to combat “AGING” skin naturally. The procedure is similar to our Chromalift, combined with our award winning ECO-certified Ageless products rich in minerals and age-defying antioxidants guaranteed to increase essential hydration, decrease the appearance of fine lines, lift, firm and tone your skin naturally.

All PHYTO5® products are Eco-Certified and all natural.
Ageless Kit

The damask rose is the unofficial symbol of Ageless La Cure skincare since so many products in the line contain premium grade essential oil of curative, restoring damask rose. Award winning Ageless La Cure organic certified skincare helps you transcend the five principle factors which cause aging skin by applying Ageless La Cure’s Five Secrets to the root causes of aging skin. The line delivers scientifically verified results and has been recognized in the pages of Vogue Magazine and by our worldwide clientele who turns to us every day for younger, healthier, more radiant skin. All products in this line are organic certified by ECOCERT®.

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