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Brad Bordini

Brad Bordini Weiler Academy Testimonial

I suffered from significant pain and loss of strength and mobility in my shoulder subsequent to a snowboarding injury. My primary care physician projected a 6-month recovery with physical therapy. I spent less than 2 hours with Wolfie and am virtually pain-free months later. I have restored mobility and strength. I have witnessed great healing for myself and others due to Wolfie’s expertise.




Judy Brooker

Judy Brooker Weiler Academy Testimonial

My time with Carlyn and Wolfie is both mentally and physically beneficial. They take the time to really get to know me and my body. There is something almost spiritual about working with them-you always leave in a much better place than when you came. Their training and attention to detail is apparent. They are able to bring out a sense of confidence and well being while making bodies healthier and stronger.

Thank you Carlyn and Wolfie.


Patti Patterson

Patti Patterson Weiler Academy Testimonials

I started training with Carlyn Weiler in 2004. I was working out at a Green Bay Fitness Club around 4 to 5 times a week. My exercise program consisted of aerobic classes, lifting weights and training on the weight equipment. At one point my weight loss slowed down and I felt I was stuck in a monotonous routine. I needed to try something different.

I signed up for a Pilate’s assessment with Carlyn and after the assessment we scheduled personal training once a week. I have been doing them ever since. I continued to do cardio classes and replaced my weight training with Pilates mat and Pilates equipment classes. The cardio classes include different circuit training that targets different areas of the body keeping the workout new and interesting.

Another advantage is the smaller class size because Carlyn is able to give personal assistance and make corrections to my form so I get the maximum benefit of my workout.

Over the course of time I have gone from a size 8 to a size 4 which I have maintained for the past 4 years. I lost the bulky muscle mass and replaced it with leaner and toner muscle. My core is stronger and my body is more balanced. She has suggested healthier eating habits and I’m still working on that.

What’s funny is it never gets easier. Carlyn is always able to make changes to the workouts to keep them challenging and rewarding.

I would highly recommend Weiler Academy to anyone that is looking for a great place to work out and great people to work with.

Leslie Vogel

Weiler Academy has drastically changed my muscular structure and awareness of movements and body positioning that previously caused injury.

Carlyn has an ability to assess and target muscles to create effective change in mobility, leading me to walk straighter and run more efficiently. If I have a pain during training she simply uses her hands-on methods to direct muscle firing. My core strength and guided usage has guarded further injury. I love working with Carlyn and I am continually amazed at her ability to read the body.

Wolfgang is a remarkably talented and intuitive trainer. After injuring my back, he helped me release and repair the muscles related to my injuries and achieve a balanced body. By utilizing muscle testing, he is able to read the body and relax or strengthen muscles to work equally and effectively.

Wolfgang also has amazing insight to training the body’s reaction time and power. Using the plate technology, Wolfgang found that I was producing all movements off balance and it was wreaking havoc on my spine. With guided jump and lifts, I was able to equalize the strength in my legs and back while making my movement more fluid.

Thanks to Carlyn and Wolfgang I was able to achieve my goal running the Cellcom Half Marathon. I am a big fan!

Larry Weyers

Weiler Academy is run by two highly qualified and skilled professionals. Their work has helped repair the damage from a career of desk work, restored functionality to my knees, both injured in athletic endeavors, and very likely precluded knee replacements. The muscle toning and strengthening acquired from their regimen has improved my posture and greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the retirement years.

Lynnette Adamany

We are so fortunate to have such a gifted and skilled twosome in the Green Bay community. Their abilities to recognize each individual’s body needs is almost uncanny and to skillfully assist each client to correcting and strengthening their body is amazing!

As a long time client and follower, I thank them both.

Jeanne Lucier

After expensive and non-satisfactory visits to chiropractors and acupuncturists, I found relief and more importantly the cause of my shoulder pain after one visit to Wolfgang. He diagnosed the problem immediately as pain caused by repeatedly not completing my tennis swing. His deep tissue massage eased the stress immediately, though I needed a few more visits (and a change in my tennis swing) to totally alleviate my shoulder pain. I highly recommend Wolfgang for his extensive knowledge of muscle groups and his honesty in accessing and solving pain issues.

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