1 yellow and 1 green zucchini, sliced
3 potatoes, sliced
2 shallots, sliced
1 Tbsp bacon grease
1 cup broth of choice
1 cup broccoli and 1 cup of cauliflower separated into small pieces
1 cup carrots, small dice
1 cup mushrooms, sliced
1 tomato, small dice
1 Tbsp fresh thyme or dried
juice of a lemon
Salt and pepper to taste


Melt bacon grease in big frying pan. Brown shallots and add potatoes and thyme, cover and brown lightly. Add zucchini and 1 cup broth then cover and let cook for 3 min, then stir lightly. Add broccoli and cauliflower and let cook for 3 min then stir lightly so it doesn’t burn. Add mushrooms and chopped tomatoes and squeeze the juice of 1 lemon over mixture cover and let cook for 3 mins. Stir lightly and if needed add a little water so bottom doesn’t burn. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook until all vegetable are cooked through.

*Also great when cooked on a grill in a cast iron pan! Serve with any meat as side dish or alone!

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