Struggling With Hair Loss

You are not alone. These harsh winter temperatures and humidity drops are the reason. Don’t worry; I’ve got some tips for you. 

Solution One!
Turn down your hair styling tools and use them less frequently if you can. If not, get some hair oils that hydrate organically. My favorite is Phyto5’s Water Serum ($68; 1 oz.).  

Solution Two!
Take a bath instead of a shower and reduce the frequency of your routines. I recommend a nice hot bath, bath salts, a book, tea, and Aquage’s Healing Conditioner ($20; 6 oz.). If you must shower daily, skip the shampoo and use the conditioner only.  

Solution Three!
Keep up with your Haircuts and moisten your ends with Moroccan Oils, All-In-One Conditioner ($30, 5.4 oz.). I always switch to the Grande Peptide Shampoo and Conditioner ($50 Combined), which promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss in dry-cold winters.  

Got more questions, ask me about my routine the next time you are in for an appointment or see me at Weiler. I am happy to share my ways and personalized recommendations for your hair type. 

Happy Holidays from my family to yours.  

Magda – Studio M 

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