Oxygen Bar

Improve Performance in All Aspects of Life at the Oxygen Bar

Breath is the essence of life, oxygen is the essence of breath. You can live without food or water for days but you can’t live without oxygen. The oxygen based treatment at Weiler Academy helps to gently and safely remove toxins from the body in a relaxing and soothing manner.

Whether it helps to bring you back from an intense training session, awaken your senses after skincare treatment, reinvigorate you after relaxation treatments like the Relaxation Pod or Infrared Sauna or simply function on its own, the Oxygen Bar has endless health benefits.

Oxygen retards the aging of human cells. It helps relieve headaches. It alleviates tiredness and boosts the immune system. Oxygen supports breathing of air in cases of asthma and allergies and aids in cases of depression. The Oxygen Bar also improves physical performance by up to 25%, which is why we recommend integrating it into your workout routine to elevate training.

Got writer’s block or can’t seem to work through your data? Reaching for sugar or even an oxygen mask could help, suggests a new study by a British neuroscientist. Just as athletes can benefit by eating right to build more oxygenated cells, the new findings suggest students can improve their performance by eating glucose or breathing pure oxygen.

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