Body Skincare

Energetic Skin Care to Balance the Body

Along with the opportunity to improve facial skin conditions, a holistic approach to body skin care encourages movement of one’s fluids in the body and helps to improve appearance, feel and overall health. Whether facial or body, all skin care treatments at Weiler Academy work to reflect the inner self.

European Body Treatment

Visible skin problems on the body can include cellulite, dry skin, spider veins, puffiness, and stretch marks. These disturbances alert us of imbalances within. The Energetic Skin and Body Treatment is a solution to these issues by activating the lymphatic system, filtering fluid and toxins out of the body. After this customized treatment, you will notice significant improvement in your skin tone, circulation, and texture. This balance will allow the body to feel hydrated, healthier, and energized.

Session Time & Cost:
– Body Lymphatic Drainage, 60 Minutes: $100

An hour-long relaxing lymphatic drainage treatment, stimulating blood circulation and elimination of toxins.

– Deluxe Body Lymphatic Drainage, 90 Minutes: $170

Algae-based creams combined with personalized body gels are incorporated with a stimulating lymphatic drainage treatment, resulting in detoxification and hydrated skin with smoother appearance.

– Energetic Violet Clay Treatment, 60 Minutes: $135

A silky violet clay rich in lavender and blends of natural essential oils of lemon and cypress will assist in the increase of lymph movements as the essence calms the nervous system, revitalizing your natural inner glow.

Targeted Treatment Options

Please ask about our optional Energetic Skin and Body Treatments that may be added to your service or done as a stand alone service.

Full Body or Targeted Body Wrap Acne Treatment
Body Mask Treatment Rosacea Treatment
Cellulite Treatment Meridian Massage
Stretch Mark Treatment Sinus Treatment
Vein Treatment Lymphatic and Edema Treatment
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