revomotion™  teaching the body to move – the way it was meant to move.

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Redefining how functional movement and fitness is taught, our five trademarked SMART exercises change how basic exercises are executed to assist your body to fight Technology Posture™. These SMART exercises were created by using simple modifications that redefine the techniques of training and fitness. They teach your body how to move correctly not only during exercise but also in your day to day life.

Carlyn and Wolfie Weiler have been teaching and training in the fitness and wellness industry for over 35 years, working closely with many experts in the fields of therapy and other holistic methods.  Training professional athletes & other individuals internationally throughout the years has allowed clients to achieve their highest goals and/or overcome physical, emotional & psychological challenges.

We are finalizing a patent on our unique posture device that will change the effects of technology posture֭, the posture that most adults and children face. Bad posture habits not only affect our outward appearance but most of all they affect our health and mental well-being, creating dis-ease, disease, and burnout.  Our mission is SMART health for the body, mind, and soul.

Technology Posture ™

Throughout evolution our bodies have evolved from ape to man standing erect, but when one looks around today our posture has regressed back to ape like form. The term Technology Posture was created by Carlyn and Wolfie Weiler – this dis-ease is due to over use of processed foods, too much sitting, driving, lack of exercise, and the never ending overuse of technology. Please join us on our adventure to conquer technology posture through revomotion. Revolutionizing the Evolution of Movement™!

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Stand tall with feet together with knees unlocked
place hands on thighs
contract your glutes
thigh muscles should contract and pull back
glute muscles will lengthen


Squat down and pull knees back over ankles
lengthen and flatten your spine
bend and pull back elbows


Sit straight on the edge of a chair
place index on the side of your hips
pinch glutes together
make sure lower back is straight


inhale and exhale

spine remains stable

no movement

bladder point lift up and inward


kneel in table top position
back straight
arms in plum line position
fingers spread wide
elbows straight and facing your thighs
lift collarbone and head up


Sit straight on the edge of a chair
Exhale and pull shoulder blades downwards
Do not lift shoulders

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