Massage, body, and relaxation services

Body Treatment

From pampering to slimming and toning, our exclusive body treatments combined with our award-winning equipment and Swiss-made natural organic products – colored clays, pure essential oils and algae-based products rich in minerals, plant extracts, vitamins, and trace elements – work in alignment with the 5-Element Theory of traditional Chinese Medicine to visibly improve the appearance and health of the skin – your largest organ.


Lymphatic Release

The Ultimate Detox! Detox and stimulate your lymphatic system using an award-wining Biorhythmic Drainer that creates harmonic- rhythms of suction to revitalize vital-energy according to traditional Chinese medicine. This full-body treatment promotes weight-loss, combats cellulite, and puffiness while providing the skin with bio-organic nutrients.

  • Ultimate Detox!
  • Combat cellulite & puffiness
  • Promotes weight-loss through stimulation
  • Gentle exfoliation & purification
  • Re-hydrates skin with bio-organic products
  • Invigorates circulation & Reduces congestion
  • Promotes cellular renewal

90 min $140

Relax with a lymphatic release
find the ultimate relaxation with float therapy



Stimulate body, mind, and soul. Starting with a 45-minute float you will experience ZEN like never before. Finishing with a 45-minute body exfoliation experience that will soften the skin and restore a natural glow. This full-body scrub stimulates circulation, exfoliates dry, dull flaky skin and leaves your body feeling hydrated and soothed.


  • Gently exfoliate and hydrate your body​
  • Experience sensory deprivation​
  • Floating reset’s the body’s hormonal and metabolic balance
  • Improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and balances the soul
  • Promotes cellular renewal​

90 min $135

Relax with clay treatment



Harmonize body, mind, and soul. Through long-flowing Swedish massage strokes, a silky-stimulating violet clay - rich in lavender, cypress, and lemon essential oils - is applied balancing your body’s energy. This cleansing, purifying, and nourishing full-body experience is the best gift for your largest organ – YOUR SKIN.


  • Beneficial for all skin-types and skin conditions
  • Harmonizes the body’s energy through stimulating application
  • Purifies and infuses skin with nutrients and minerals
  • Gently cleanse and hydrate your entire body
  • Promotes cellular renewal

60 min $140 | +Float 120 min $160

Soak, nourish, and relax



Calm & purify body, mind, and soul. Stimulate, Calm, Purify, Invigorate your senses with Swiss mined and pure Selextreme bath salts during a 15-minute soak in our golden bathtub. Continue the relaxing therapy experience with 45-minute full-body Swedish massage, finishing with our nourishing YOGI body gels.


  • Beneficial for all skin-types and skin conditions
  • Relax muscles with Swiss Alpine salts
  • Purify and infuse skin with nutrients and minerals
  • Hydrate and nourish the skin
  • Invigorating massage with bio-organic essential oils

60 min $125


Dream of being transported to the scents of the swiss alps with phyto5 products; ​

To a body-tempered water mattress that with steam will de-stress your skin; ​

To the gentle body treatments and wraps that will exfoliate your entire body; ​

To a tranquil vichy water massage enhanced with chromotherapy and infrared.​

Your body will forever be grateful and energetically balanced.​

relaxing with a Hot Stone Massage in Green Bay


It’s more than just a massage. Realign, relax, and recover like never before

We pride ourselves in offering the best massage experiences in the area. Whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility and range-of-motion, relieve joint pain and stiffness, lower your stress, reduce tension, or just simply relax, we have a massage offering that will help you find the best version of yourself. 

Muse Headband

Muse Headband used at Weiler Academy

Muse is a multi-sensor meditation device that provides real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements to help you build a consistent meditation practice. Discover how your meditation posture can bring you physical relaxation, improved mental clarity, and breathing patterns.

oxygen Bar

“Breath is life” and often what we breathe in is not healthy clean air but polluted air full of toxins. When you inhale the purified air of our Oxygen Bar it’s like taking a breath of the purest mountain air. It enters your bloodstream through your lungs and then goes to the brain. Invigorating!

Oxygen bar in use at Weiler Academy

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