Pilates is designed to provide movement correction throughout your body. Starting with a machine – the reformer – Weiler Academy Pilates clients will begin by building resistance and stabilizing their movements to learn how to find the center of the body. A perfect square position, with a variety of machine elements that act as resistance allow for perfect control, flow and elimination of mistakes as you learn to guide your movements. With improvement, each Pilates client will advance to different pieces of equipment that require more mind, breath and body control, giving your muscles time to learn, adopt, and re-pattern simple movements. Finally, you’ll have the chance to join Mat Class, relying on only your body and strength to run through the correct Pilates movements.

Prior to attending your first class, Carlyn will complete your personal assessment – running through a complete posture check, analyzing your movement patterns and function, to help place you in the correct starting class and exercise program for your body at that moment.

  • Pilates Personal Training Weekly
  • Personal Training 30 minutes
  • Personal Training 45 minutes
  • Personal Training 60 minutes
  • Semi-Private Training Duo
  • Reformer Class (class min. of 4)
  • Equipment Class
  • Posture Correction Training

Training & Balance

The focus at Weiler Academy is on correct and proper movement. As a client at Weiler Academy, you will be challenged like never before and discover the incredible benefits of mind-body awareness. All of our training’s are custom-designed and will teach you the right way to move.

The body undergoes many stresses, and seeing how your different muscles react in different states can help determine how best to balance your body whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. In this way, kinesiology is both a science and an art.

Weiler Academy Programs
Weiler Academy Programs

Weiler Method Chair Class: A progressive program of chair exercises based upon the Weiler Method principles of body balance, functional movement and postural alignment.  This class will target individuals and modifications due to age, injury, disability or pre or post-surgical needs.  A combination of exercises will be designed to improve movement, strength, balance and functional independence.

Power Fit Class: Whether your passion is running, cycling, skiing or golfing this class will prepare you for it all.  Taught by Wolfgang Weiler former trainer for the Austrian Ski Team and has trained Olympic medal winners and world champions.  The right class for the athlete with one common goal – to reach your ultimate performance level!

Cardio Blast Class: A high energy cross training program with hands on correction that will build your stamina and functional strength.  This workout combines everything the Weiler Method has to offer – intense cardio intervals with full body conditioning for maximum calorie burn.  Get ready to strengthen your entire body, stabilize your core and push to the limit!  Come ready to sweat, breathe hard and get SUPER FIT!

Smart Fit Circuit:  looking for flexibility in your workout – then try our NEW Smart Fit Classes!  High quality circuit training for all fitness levels and very flexible for busy schedules!!  Small classes with hands on correction – it’s like a Personal Training for only $8 a class!  Improve your posture, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health.  An assessment is required before attending this class in order to design your personal program.  Call to schedule your FREE assessment and get Smart Fit!!

Corrective Balance: Specialized energy work to facilitate corrections needed to regain proper function and to balance and harmonize the body’s energy fields. Additional corrective exercises may be necessary.

Training and Balance: Combining Touch for Health and Applied Kinesiology techniques with corrective exercise to address muscle imbalances identified during the balance portion of the session.

Performance Training & Balance: Athletic training using the MPD System (The Plate) combined with Applied Kinesiology to prepare the muscle to avoid over-training and injury. Highly recommended for any serious athlete!

Athletic Training with MPD System: Training with the MPD System the same system used in Europe to train professional and Olympic athletes, Football Club Bayern Munich, and German and Austrian National Ski Team, and many more! Weiler Academy is the only training facility in the US with the rights to use this world-class equipment.