Red Light. Green Light. Posture Happy!

The purpose of exercising is to strengthen our muscles. Hence, we achieve a strong, balanced body and mind to move through space without pain and live a long, healthy life we were born to live. When we think of exercise, we think of running, training our core, lifting weights, sweating, and intense movement. If you don’t sweat, it’s not exercising. What does exercise mean, and why does exercise need to be so fierce and stressful? Our bodies are intelligent and constantly send us messages about what it needs, whether nourishment, movement, or some much-needed TLC. We sometimes ignore these messages, which then reappear as pain or dis-ease. The Weiler Method aims to teach our clients to understand the patterns our body sends us and reconstruct our body’s balance by learning how to react. 

Our body is a perfect machine; when it is aligned and balanced, it can achieve whatever goals we set. Posture is an essential piece of this puzzle and is often overlooked. Without good posture, our bodies become diseased, injured, and full of pain. Have you ever taken a good look in the mirror and noticed your posture or looked around you and noticed the posture of your neighbor on their mobile device? This is serious; we are regressing evolution to the time before humans stood erect. 

All signals are green lights when we walk or run through life with the correct posture. Our bodies are happy. When our muscles are overtrained, stressed, tight, and misaligned, the light flashes red and sends us a message to stop! We must start to listen and recognize the warning signals causing lousy movement patterns instead of teaching our bodies to move with pain when overused or pushed for too long. The results: OOPS. Injury or bad health. 

Sitting slumped over our desks for prolonged periods creates disease in our organs, muscles, and bones. Consequently, Red lights flash when you stand up and limp across the room or get a headache. 

Consider taking time to listen, slow down, and activate your senses. Realizing that if we align our bones in the proper position and then train our muscles and brain to move our body correctly and to sit in good posture, we can stop those red lights. Let’s reposition and recondition our bodies to maintain perfect balance, inner and outer strength, and health. 

We understand it is impossible to train The Weiler Method all day.  

Who has time for that? We recommend simple solutions:  

  • Set short-term goals. Something within your capability. Visualize yourself achieving that goal.  
  • Get a Body’s Best Friend! Wear our patented posture trainer to keep the green lights on to maintain better posture.  
  • Need Help? We have created an exercise section with over 75 fast 15-sec videos to help you learn to listen and combat your body’s red lights. Click on “Lifestyles” and start training your green lights.  

Instead of making a new year’s resolution to exercise more, exercise intentionally and listen to your body while exercising. Learn to create balance, better posture, and a healthier you!

Embrace family and friends, and I wish you healthy, peaceful, posture-perfect Holidays! 

Carlyn Weiler 

 You are not creating a new you; you are releasing a hidden you. The process is one of self-discovery. The hidden you that wants to emerge is in perfect balance.”  

~ Deepak Chopra 

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