Keep Energized This Holiday!

The holidays are here, and so is overindulging! Here are some thoughts on how you can make simple changes to keep you feeling super fantastic throughout the holidays. 

Sure, you all have heard the phrase, “one person’s food is another’s poison.” That phrase is very accurate, as we are all unique. Still, each body has a distinct composition and needs different fuels to make it run efficiently. We hear the words like “Natural” or “Healthy,” and we jump on that marketing scheme, thinking it is what we need to fuel us. Sadly, it’s not always true. The fewer organic ingredients in a meal, the easier it is to digest. 


  • Try to keep a journal of what you eat and write down how you feel the next day. Some foods will energize you, and some will cause dis-ease in your guts. 
  • When you feel that particular food makes you feel discomfort, remove that food from your diet for a while, and eliminate it. It’s like a science experiment. 
  • Remember that everybody is unique and needs different fuels to be healthy. 
  • Get a food test! Whether you get a food test from your doctor or get muscle tested with me, follow the recommendations to help determine which foods fuel you best. 

The proper fuel intake will heal your body, mind, and soul. You’ll have more energy, increased focus, a balanced temper, and a joyful outlook on life. Listen to yourself; no one else will. 

Stay healthy. Keep your body mindful and balanced! Happy Holidays! 

Wolfgang ‘Wolfie’ Weiler 

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