We Believe That Each Person Is A Bio-Individual.

“One person’s food is another person’s poison”.

Describes exactly why fad dieting does not work.  Stop the Yo-Yo effect.  With our guidance you will discover your bio-individual!

Accountability = Success

Our goal is to increase your mind body awareness, detect what foods work best for your system and crowd out what foods don’t work.  Develop new habits with the right intention.

It’s all about lifestyle!

Our health coach is certified by Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is trained in over 100 different dietary theories.  We will coach you to find your recipe for success!

Remember it’s about the lifestyle – what are you filling yours with?


Food Discovery Program

Wolfgang will test over 500 different foods using specialized Kinesiology Muscle Testing to discover which foods work best for you, so you are able to make the right choices and start to crowd out foods which are causing inflammation and disease.

Cost: $200

Integrative Nutritional Coaching

Carlyn will be your coach and guide you through a 6-month program where you will learn to “Choose you” and make lifestyle choices that will help you discover your bio-individual.  By “crowding out” old habits and learning to listen to your body you will develop new habits and individual choices that lead to clean and healthy living and keeps you on the pathway to achieve your weight loss and health goals!


  • 2 – 1 hour private coaching sessions per month
  • Handouts, homework and recipes
  • Online workout programs

Cost: $200 per month.
(6-month commitment required).

*For an additional fee you can choose to add food testing, it is recommended for more effective coaching.

Weiler Method Lifestyle Coaching

This 6-month program includes everything your body needs for clean living.  You will experience all the benefits of the Integrative Nutritional Coaching program plus a monthly workout program personally tailored to fit your body’s needs, a weekly class of your choice, a monthly Body Bio-drainage (helps to remove toxins, improve circulation and digestion), use of our cardio equipment, sauna, oxygen bar and Bio-mat to boost your immune system and digestive system and will also aid in relaxation and rejuvenation; key components to successful weight loss and lifestyle change.

Cost: $499 per month.
6-month commitment required).

*For an additional fee you can choose to add Food Testing, it is recommended for more effective coaching.


Call 920-288-2123 to schedule your Health History and we can get you started on a pathway to clean living and lifestyle change!

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