Energy Balancing

Wolfie’s Energy Balancing services are a combination of meditation and touch to activate the body’s energy systems. The goal of Energy Balancing is to detect the disruption in the flow of electricity (i.e., the energy) in the body and re-channel the energy to its proper pathways which is the foundation of good health. Energy Balancing can aid the body in healing and help find the cause of dis-ease whether physical, mental, psychological, or chemical.


Every cell in the body has electricity and balanced electricity in the body is the foundation of health. Electricity follows the law of “easy resistance”. If the flow of electricity is blocked the body will signal pain or dis-ease “somewhere”. That “somewhere” is usually not the source of the pain or dis-ease. Wolfgang’s method will detect the disruption in the flow of electricity (ENERGY) in the body and re-channels the energy to its proper pathways resulting in the release of pain and disease.


With many years of training internationally and balancing over 10,000 clients Wolfgang has developed a very refined form of Energy Balancing. With muscle testing, he can scan the body to find stressors that can cause inflammation, disease, vascular problems, viruses, infection and the reason why the body has these stressors. He will with his refined technique work to balance the stressors detected by activating the body’s own healing mechanisms. A balanced body is a healthy body.


BioMats® use quantum energetic technology, which combines FAR infrared rays, negative ion therapy and the superconducting properties of pure amethyst providing benefits to the deepest cells of the body. Ideal to improve any health condition and to detox at a quantum-energy level.

Benefits of the Biomat

Temporary relief of:

  • Minor muscle pain
  • Minor joint pain and stiffness
  • Joint pain associated with arthritis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Minor sprains
  • Minor strains
  • Minor muscular back pain

Biomat Mattress

The BioMat® produces soothing Far Infrared Rays and negative ions, delivering a wealth of health benefits.​

The BioMat can temporarily relieve minor muscle pain, minor joint pain and stiffness, joint paint associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor sprains, minor strains, minor muscular back pain; and increase local circulation where applied; and relax muscles for stress relief with deep-penetrating far infrared rays and an influx of negative ions through Nobel prize-winning research.

Price: Included in treatments
Location: Spa Treatment Beds

Biomat Chair

The BioBelt consists of 11 layers! The gemstone layer will blast with far infrared rays. The TOCA layer generates strong negative ions. ​ ​The BioBelt is perfect for people wanting to work on relieving lower-back pain. The far infrared energy generated from these stones will gently penetrate the body supplying warmth and comfort. ​ The BioBelt holds: Amethyst, Tourmaline, Green Jade, Crystal, Citrine, Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, and Elvan.

Price: $1 per minute
Location: Relaxation Room

Biomat Belt

The BioBelt consists of 11 layers!  The gemstone layer will blast with far infrared rays. The TOCA layer generates strong negative ions. 

The BioBelt is perfect for people wanting to work on relieving lower-back pain. The far infrared energy generated from these stones will gently penetrate the body providing warmth and comfort. 

The BioBelt contains: Amethyst, Tourmaline, Green Jade, Crystal, Citrine, Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, and Elvan.

Price: $1 per minute
Location: Salt-Wall Chaise

Biomat Pillow

The BioMat® Pillow holds black tourmaline and amethyst crystals, two of the most beneficial, healing stones in the world. ​ ​Congruent with Ayurvedic health concepts, the Amethyst Pillow keeps the head cool while allowing the body to reach higher temperatures on the BioMat®. ​ The BioMat® Pillow stabilizes and cradles the head and neck, delivering targeted negative ion therapy. The pillow also promotes relaxation of the neck muscles.

Price: $0.00
Location: Salt Chaise

Float Therapy

Floating creates a sense of weightlessness which relieves stress from every part of your body and mind. The deep theta-state of relaxation, achieved while floating, will “reset” the body’s hormonal and metabolic balance.

  • Increases Immune Health
  • Muscle & Joint Recovery
  • Reduces Anxiety & Depression
  • Boost Creativity & Mental Clarity
  • Decreasing Blood Pressure & Cortisol Level
  • Relieves Stress & Improves Sleep
  • Relaxing & Meditative

60 min $79 | 90-min $99 | +Massage 30-min $50

Infrared Sauna

We love to feel the warming infrared rays! Infrared heat can penetrate human tissue up-to 2 inches which in turn produces a host of anti-aging health benefits like stress reduction, cleansing, and detoxification. Increase your bodies energy flow through customizable light-therapy. 

  • Improved sleep & relaxation
  • Detoxification leading to weight loss​​
  • Relief muscles & joint pain such as arthritis​​
  • Reduces cellulite, promoting tighter skin​​
  • Improved circulation & mental clarity

$1 per minute; 30-min minimum session


The BBF is comfortable and easy to wear under clothing. It can be used to enhance performance in sports such as golf, running, and yoga, when at the office, driving, or doing yard work. Regular use will result in muscle memory – a new awareness of the correct position – that lasts even when you take it off. BBF is a proud patented invention of Weiler Academy.

$79 - Get yours at Weiler Academy today.