Weiler Method

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Our focus at Weiler Academy is on correct and proper movement. Movement is life and you can’t live correctly if you can’t move correctly. As a client at Weiler Academy, you are challenged like never before to discover the incredible benefits of mind-body awareness, as we introduce you to a holistic approach to overall health and wellness.

With over 40 collective years in health and wellness, Carlyn and Wolfgang Weiler have years of experience learning from renowned practitioners all over the world. Encouraged to develop their own methods and training programs, based on experience with professional and Olympic medal-winning athletes, the Weiler’s have combined the best and most effective techniques into a single approach – the Weiler Method.

Weiler Academy Weiler Method
Weiler Academy Weiler Method

Made up of five primary areas – body balance, functional movement, postural alignment, relaxation and energetic skincare – the Weiler Method takes on a well rounded approach to balancing, reorganizing, and revitalizing the natural energies in the body, both internally and externally.

When muscles, organs, bones and the body’s energy system come out of balance, our body is unable to perform as it should, causing health problems – mentally and physically.

Each primary area in the Weiler Method works together to help you find perfect and natural balance:

  • Techniques in kinesiology, touch for health, and correct movement help to reset and retrain your muscles – finding balance between the muscles, the organs, and the brain for overall well-being of the body.
  • Pilates and posture training work to revitalize, strengthen and straighten your bones, so your muscles can reform to the bones in a straight line.
  • Energetic skincare helps rediscover outer beauty by reorganizing and cleansing internal energies.
  • Finally, the Weiler Method encourages total relaxation and helps calm the mind through the float pod, oxygen bar, and infrared sauna.

From there, it’s all about getting moving and setting a movement goal. Since each person has a level of movement that they are comfortable with, it is the goal of the Weiler Method to create movement programs that can easily integrate into a client’s individual lifestyle. Whether the goal is to live and work without pain, run one mile, train for a marathon or just learn to be mindful – the Weiler’s work together to bring the body back to perfect balance and reach the performance goal set.

Experience balance and rediscover your inner and outer strength, health and beauty when you visit Weiler Academy.