Rehab and Recovery

Helping You Regain Strength and Stay Strong

An international certified trainer, Wolfgang Weiler has worked with thousands of clients, including many professional athletes, around the world in helping restore the body to its highest level of performance. That experience, coupled with his athletic knowledge and understanding of how the muscles move and what movement is, allows him to literally manipulate how muscles move to help in the healing process.

Through movement, reflexes and energy lines throughout the body, Wolfgang works to rearrange muscles, finding balance between muscles, organs and brain activity. Your brain relaxes, regenerates, and your muscles find their straight lines on your bones so you can find health and balance.

Once the body’s energetic system is realigned and balanced, appropriate training can be applied to take ones fitness and athletic ability to the next level. Too often, people train when their body isn’t ready which can lead to injury and or exhaustion. Weiler Academy training first focuses on preparing ones muscles to train through body-work, stretches, and corrective exercises. Once the muscles are ready, then a customized training program can begin.

Weiler Academy Rehab and Recovery
Weiler Academy Rehab and Recovery


Whether you are suffering from a recent injury or a preexisting medical condition that impairs your mobility, Weiler Academy can help you restore total function and reestablish flexibility, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, strength, power, and balance. The rehabilitation process is similar to the testing and training process. Muscular testing is first performed to determine imbalances and misalignment. After the body is balanced, appropriate corrective exercises can be applied to help strengthen and restore and improve functionality. Weiler Academy’s rehabilitation program has helped many clients restore mobility and regain strength after suffering from not only minor injuries but also but also from severe conditions such as strokes, staff infections, and Parkinson’s disease.


Recovery is absolutely essential to any athlete’s training. Exercise done at any fitness level depletes the body of its energy resources. The body repairs and strengthens itself in between workouts and continuous training can actually weaken the strongest athletes. Proper recovery is the key to preventing injury and continuing at optimal performance.

Recovery does not equal rest. Weiler Academy incorporates various exercises and techniques into the recovery program so the body can adapt to the stress of exercise, replenish energy, repair damaged tissues and quickly return to its optimal exercise state.