Posture: The Foundation of Everything

Posture is an important part of training, whether for Pilates, athletic training or other important aspects of your life. Pain and postural misalignment is often caused by the tightening of particular muscles while opposing muscles become elongated and weaken.

The Weiler Method takes into account the importance of correct posture throughout all aspects of training, from Pilates and core to athletic training and balance. Carlyn and Wolfgang will train your muscles around your bones so your body always comes back to perfect balance no matter the task at hand. Although posture taught at Weiler Academy is applicable to all areas of your life, it is a crucial element of body balance and postural alignment acts as the base of the Weiler Method and correct movement.

Because breathing is a crucial component of what we do at Weiler Academy, we’ll teach important but less addressed elements of correct posture like how to breathe, and then move. Muscles are our organs of movement, form, and our posture and they stabilize our bodies inside and out. When our muscle and body’s energy system come out of balance, our body is unable to perform as it should, causing health problems mentally and physically.

Our job is to fix your body with the goal of having you move without pain. But where you go with that is your decision. Carlyn and Wolfgang will guide you, help develop your own program, train you to work out on your own – and at the end of the day, we’ll give you a plan and really teach you how create your own meaning of correct and perfect movement.