You Can’t Live Correctly if You Can’t Move Correctly

The Pilates training taught by Carlyn Weiler puts Weiler Academy in a league of its own. As a Pilates client at Weiler Academy, you can be assured that you are being trained by one of the most experienced Pilates instructors in the country. Carlyn Weiler trains many instructors throughout the world and continuously develops her own programs and techniques.

Pilates is a movement correction of your body that incorporates control, breath, flowing movement, precision, centering, stability, range of motion, opposition and body awareness. Through these principles, the Weiler Method of Pilates starts with a reformer machine to help build resistance and ensure proper form, guiding your body through the Pilates movements. As you progress and gain greater control, you’ll move up in stages – from using equipment to using only your body movements and control – so you get to where you need to go, at a pace individualized for your body.

With the goal of training your muscles around your bones so your body comes back to perfect balance, Pilates at Weiler Academy is customized to each individual client based on particular needs and situations. All clients receive highly personal attention. Before you begin, Carlyn will do a complete assessment, including a posture check and movement functions, to decide your personalized Pilates path.

Weiler Academy Pilates
Weiler Academy Pilates

A hands-on individualized approach to each client even while within a class environment helps make sure each person is training at the appropriate level, teaching you the correct patterns, form and posture so you can continue your training at the Academy or branch off and grow on your own.

When training at Weiler Academy, you will be learning true and perfect Pilates. It can be done by all ages and all fitness levels. You will learn to master complete control of your body, acquire natural rhythm and coordination, and develop muscle power and endurance that will reflect in everything you do in the way you walk, play, work, and perform.

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