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Weiler Academy is the only training facility in the United States using a highly scientific method, known for producing European World Champions, Professional and Olympic Athletes.

The MPD System, also known as The Plate is a scientific testing system that is revolutionizing fitness training, physical therapy, and sports performance.

The diagnosis station measures how fast a person initiates motion, the amount of force produced when movement is initiated, and how long power is maintained. It is the trainer’s eye inside the athlete’s body an actual quality control device. The device is able to tell if a muscle is ready to train, perform, or needs recovery. The system also tells the trainer what kind of training is needed, how much, and at what intensity. When a trainer knows what’s going on in an athlete’s muscles, they can react properly by implementing the exact training program needed.

Weiler Academy Athletic Training
Weiler Academy Athletic Training Programs

Muscular Performance Testing is crucial in determining an athlete’s current ability and is the foundation for training and performance at Weiler Academy. Wolfgang has experience training professional athletes around the world, and has grown in his training as the the Plate has become more popular and is now being used by professional athletics, soccer and ski teams internationally.

Testing takes about an hour and is able to give a performance diagnosis of power and strength for muscles in complex movements.

The system uses highly scientific software to gather data that can help:

  • Develop and improve functional and athletic performance
  • Monitor incoming professional athletes for drafts and free agent athletes
  • Select the best athletes for competition
  • Prevent injuries
  • Assist in rehab and recovery

By combining the data from the MPD System with muscle monitoring techniques, Wolfgang Weiler can identify imbalances in the muscle and joint mechanics. Pain and postural misalignment is often caused by the tightening of particular muscles while opposing muscles become elongated and weaken.

Once the body’s energetic system is realigned and balanced, appropriate training can be applied to take ones fitness and athletic ability to the next level. Too often, people train when their body isn’t ready which can lead to injury and or exhaustion. Weiler Academy training first focuses on preparing ones muscles to train through body-work, stretches, and corrective exercises. Once the muscles are ready, then a customized training program can begin.

See how Chris Greisen, Professional Quarterback for the Virginia Destroyers feels about his training at Weiler Academy: