What is Fitness?

For us, it’s not about any one particular exercise. At Weiler Academy, it’s about functional movement and re-patterning – working to make your body move, act, and function the way it is supposed to. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your posture, speed up rehabilitation and recovery or boost your athletic ability, the fitness training at Weiler Academy is in a class of its own.

Core pillars of the Weiler Method include movement and muscle correction (through posture training and applied kinesiology). This individualized approach can help anyone achieve their goals.

Weiler Academy Fitness Training

The first step when you join the program is to analyze your movement patterns and postural alignment. Through applied kinesiology we will then work to restore balance between the muscle and the body’s energy system through techniques like applied kinesiology and Touch for Health (TFH), allowing the body to start its holistic healing process. The next step is to get you moving and to set a movement goal.

The mission of Weiler Academy is to help people of all ages and all fitness levels reach their peak performance level. Whether you are training for a specific sport or just looking to be more efficient and functionally fit, Weiler Academy can help you get there.

Since each person has a level of movement that they are comfortable with, it’s our goal to create our movement programs that are easy to integrate into your individual lifestyle. Whether the goal is to live and work without pain, run one mile, train for a marathon or just to learn to be mindful we will work together to bring the body back to perfect balance and reach the performance goal set. Individually or in groups, you can strengthen your body through posture correction training, personal coaching, Pilates classes, or our signature cardio-strength classes that will push you to ultimate performance.

Carlyn and Wolfgang Weiler will fix your body so you can move without pain. But where you go with that, is your decision. At Weiler Academy, we’ll guide you, help develop your own program, train you to work out on your own or at other fitness institutions – we’ll give you a plan and teach you how create your own meaning of fitness.