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Weiler Academy Applied Kinesiology Reconnect

Every cell in the body has electricity and balanced electricity in the body is the foundation of health. Electricity follows the law of “easy resistance”. If the flow of electricity is blocked the body will signal pain or dis-ease “somewhere”. That “somewhere” is usually not the source of the pain or dis-ease. Wolfgang’s method will detect the disruption in the flow of electricity (ENERGY) in the body and rechannel the energy to its proper pathways resulting in the of release pain and dis-ease.


Weiler Academy Applied Kinesiology Find Balance

A very advanced form of Energy Balancing that can aid the body in healing by rechanneling the bodies electricity (ENERGY) to help find the cause of pain or dis-ease whether physical, mental, physiological or chemical.


Weiler Academy Applied Kinesiology Find Experience

With many years of training internationally and balancing over 10,000 clients Wolfgang has developed a very refined form of Energy Balancing. With muscle testing, he can scan the body to find stressors that can cause inflammation, disease, vascular problems, viruses, infection and the reason why the body has these stressors. He will with his refined technique work to balance the stressors detected by activating the bodies own healing mechanisms. A balanced body is a healthy body.

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