Embracing Winter! The Weiler Way 


[hugga, hyggja] NOUN – It’s about the moment. 

Represents Lifestyle. Social activity can be pointed anywhere—a complete cut out of daily frustrations. Relaxation is followed by spending time with someone, yourself, and enjoying. 

The World Happiness Report consistently ranks Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway as the countries with the happiest citizens. These countries happen to be the ones with the longest, coldest winters. The Scandinavian key to happiness is “Hygge,” a mood of togetherness, warmth, wellness, contentment, and peace with your immediate surroundings. Think snuggly blankets, warm fuzzy socks, and a warm cup of tea or Glühwein; that’s Hygge. It’s an essential part of Scandinavian life & happiness. Let’s see how you can participate in the Weiler Way of Hygge. We share tips, recipes, and service recommendations for body, mind, and soul. 


#1 Get Outside & Stay Active. 

Take a nice wintertime walk after fresh snowfall. Enjoy the beauty of snow-covered trees and snowflakes falling on your fuzzy mittens. Quiet your mind and focus on the sound of the snow crunching underneath your warm winter boots. Take deep breaths as you inhale the fresh winter air. 


Even though the sun isn’t as bright this time of year, sun damage and aging still happen. Remember your sunscreen when enjoying a winter stroll! Make sure to stretch before and after to warm your joints.  

LA CREME SOLEIL: $68, 3.5 OZ. Phyto5’s excellent sunscreen is a moisturizing anti-aging cream perfect for daily use.  


If the outside is too unbearable, join us indoors in our Pilates wonderland, new times available, or work out online.  


#2 Make Winter Special 

The winter months are filled with unforgettable memories. We are spending time with family at thanksgiving, embracing times around the Christmas tree, and welcoming a new year filled with dreams and hope as we long for the spring blossoms to begin. There is so much beauty around us, and this season is truly a joyful time of year – make it your best. 


Reward you and your partner with a 15-minute soak with our Phyto5 Swiss Alpine salts to extract toxins and stimulate the body, mind, and soul. After the soak, gently apply pressure to the middle of your partner’s footbed and slowly move toward the heel. If you are not a fan of touching feet, use racket balls and roll your feet back and forth. Repeat for moments of serenity.  

SELEXTREME BATH SALTS $70 22OZ. Pure salts derived from the Swiss Alps infused with bio-organic essential oils.  


Take a warm soak in our golden bathtub, exfoliate, and rehydrate your body with one of our second-to-none Aemotio Water treatments. Starting at $160. 


#3 Get Warm and Snuggly 

The coziness and warmth we embrace as we enter our homes or favorite places add great joy to the cold winter days. Cuddling up to the fireplace with a warm beverage wrapped in your favorite blanket and perhaps joined by your loved ones. Enjoy these special moments and make time to spend with the ones you care for, play games, have movie nights, or cozy up in our Relaxation Space under a warm blanket while enjoying our Himalayan salt chaise. 


Gravity and loss of collagen get the best of us around the delicate eye area. Generate blood flow with a self-massaging eye technique when applying your eye serums. See our “Esti-Tip of the week” video to learn how to massage eye serums.  

YOGI Body Gels; $68, 6.8 oz. Transform and heal the skin, awaken your body and mind, and lift positive feelings to the surface. 


Need a tropical escape? Escape for an hour in our sensory deprivation float pod, detox in our sauna with a 30-minute session, and get a 60-minute Himalayan Hot Stone massage. Package Deal: $210 


#4 Embrace Togetherness 

It’s all about the little moments of happiness. Well-being is not just about exercise and nutrition. Most importantly, it’s about relationships and emotions. Think of those times with family, loved ones, and friends that bring a smile to your face. Find new ways to create those memories. If you can’t, take your person and take a quick walk, meet for an appetizer and a drink, run some errands together, or do something meaningful. Make connections this season. 


Bring balance and togetherness by inviting a friend for a home spa day. Grab your facial cleansers, mask, small bowls of hot water, a handheld mirror, and fresh flowers to infuse your bowl of hot water. Lastly, steep a jug of water with fresh fruits or herbs to have a glass of revitalizing water after you complete your facials. 

Phyt’Ether Serum, $78 1 oz. Inhale one drop in the palm of your hand to balance your emotions of fear and restore a sense of inner serenity.  


Detox in our sauna, stimulate your mind with a 30-minute. Reflexology and rejuvenate your body with a 30 min. HydraFacial or 60-min. Swiss Alpine facial. Promo: $200  


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