Float Pod Testimonial

October 11, 2016 0 comments 0

Are you wondering what it feels like to float? Check out what Heather, one of our clients, had to say after her first time floating.

What a holistic approach really means

Carlyn Weiler October 11, 2016 0 comments 0

A holistic approach encompasses all areas of a person including their body, mind, spirit and emotions. True healing is about finding balance in the body because when one part of your body is not working, it can affect all of you. People tend to focus on one or two areas of themselves whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or intellectual. But a holistic approach can…

If Beauty Is Health Made Visible, What Does Your Skin Say About You?

Carlyn Weiler October 11, 2016 0 comments 0

Health and wellness require flow and balance of vital energy throughout the body. Esthetic problems often are telltale signs of energetic imbalance, or something ‘out of whack. If this rings true for you and beauty is, in fact, health made visible – what is your skin saying about your health? Maintaining and restoring energetic balance is at the core of beauty and wellness (physical, emotional,…

What Is the Weiler Method?

Carlyn Weiler October 11, 2016 0 comments 0

When it comes to Pilates, strength training, posture correction and even yoga – most people have preconceived thoughts. Pilates is Pilates no matter where you go, who teaches it, or which moves you focus on. And while a common, and understandable, consensus – this could not be further from the truth. Though termed the same, Pilates, athletic training, rehabilitation, and even skincare are approached vastly different…

Is Weiler Academy a Good Fit for You?

Carlyn Weiler September 2, 2016 0 comments 0

The mission of Weiler Academy is to help people of all ages and all fitness levels reach their peak performance level. Whether you are training for a specific sport or just looking to be more efficient and functionally fit, Weiler Academy can help you get there. If you answer YES to any of the following questions, than training at Weiler Academy is definitely for you….

Fascia & It’s Importance: The Core of Weiler Academy Training

August 28, 2016 0 comments 0

Think ‘Athletic Training’ and the first thing that comes to mind for most is the training aspect of the phrase – a workout at the YMCA, a quick trip to the weight room, or a nice jog outside. What many don’t understand is the science behind training, movement, and an overall synchronicity of the body that fuels proper training and balance. There’s much more to it…

In The Heat Of The Summer…

July 9, 2016 0 comments 0

As we anxiously await longer days and warmer weather, we don’t realize that things are going to heat up faster that we think. Starting today, we enter the energetic season of the Fire Element, which runs May 6 – July 19. Fire’s natural characteristic is to be hot, dry and blaze upward. As such, the heart and small intestine are the organs attached to fire and summer….

Why You Need to Take Care of Your Body

Carlyn Weiler June 25, 2016 0 comments 0

With our busy lives, sometimes taking care of our body is the last thing we pay attention to. Yet, caring for ourselves includes not just our body, but also our mind and emotions. So why is it so important we put ourselves first? No one is responsible for our health and wellness but ourselves, and we must do all we can to keep our whole…

The Effects & Benefits of Floating

Carlyn Weiler May 1, 2016 0 comments 0

Turn your back to the water, lie down on your back, relax. Spread your arms and legs straight like a star and look at the sky. Take a deep breath, this will allow you to float more easily. Your stomach touching slightly above the water, breath in and out slowly. Floating on your back in the water often conjures up images of childhood and innocence. And while floating on your back is a…

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