It’s that Bone broth time of year!  Time to boost your immune system with this mineral packed easy to digest broth.  Bone broth is also a great energizer I make my broth on Sunday evening and slow cook it for about 18hr (any time between 15-25 hours) strain out the veggies and meat and drink it as my immune building elixir.  When my kids were growing up they had bone broth every day after school throughout the chilly winter months to help keep their immune systems strong!

2 lbs. of soup bone ( I like to get bones that are cross cut and have meat around the bone)
2 onions ( clean and don’t peel)
4 med sized carrots ( clean and don’t peel)
2 celery stalks
1 medium sized leek ( cleaned and shortened to fit in slow cooker)
1 bunch of fresh parsley
1 parsnip, peeled
1 rutabaga, peeled
2 bay leaves
Small handful of peppercorns
Fresh thyme springs tied together


Add all ingredients to a medium-sized slow cooker, starting with the meat and then fill with water. Leave about 2 inches below rim of slow cooker because the volume will reduce during the cooking process.

Cook up to 25 hours ( I usually cook mine for 18 hours).  Strain out the bone, meat and veggies and the bone broth is ready to serve!  You might need to add salt- I use Himalayan salt or some kind of seasoning; for example Braggs.  Enjoy the warmth and energy that you get from this mineral-packed broth?.
Additional tip:  If you have broth leftover and you cool it you will need to skim off the fat that gathers on top before reheating.  It’s better to reheat the broth in a pan slowly rather than the microwave so the warmth can gather in the broth again.  You can also save the meat and shred it adding it to your broth!

Enjoy,  Carlyn

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