Embracing Winter! The Weiler Way 

Hygge!  [hugga, hyggja] NOUN – It’s about the moment.  Represents Lifestyle. Social activity can be pointed anywhere—a complete cut out of daily frustrations. Relaxation is followed by spending time with someone, yourself, and enjoying.  The World Happiness Report consistently ranks Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway as the countries with the happiest citizens. These […]

Struggling With Hair Loss

You are not alone. These harsh winter temperatures and humidity drops are the reason. Don’t worry; I’ve got some tips for you.  Solution One! Turn down your hair styling tools and use them less frequently if you can. If not, get some hair oils that hydrate organically. My favorite is Phyto5’s Water Serum ($68; 1 […]

Skin Health is Important Year Round.

Skin health benefits your general well-being. Maintaining a healthy skin keeps you from aging and protects you from illness. Therefore, skin care should be an important consideration all year round. Your skin may suffer serious damage in different seasons. During the harsh winter, you may suffer chapped lips and flaky skin from the excessive cold, […]