Pilates Private - Workout your core with Weiler Academy Pilates classes.
FLOAT POD - Help yourself relax with the Green Bay area's only float pod.
WAXING - The Weiler Academy's licensed estheticians are trained in waxing using Berodin wax.
ATHLETIC TRAINING - Weiler Academy implements a customized traing program based on scientific results.
BIOMAT - The Weiler Academy's BioMat helps relieve pain, control your weight, ease joint pain and reduce stress and fatigue.
FACIAL SKINCARE - The Weiler Academy provides facial skincare with Phyto 5.
NUTRITION - At Weiler Academy, our focus is on coaching you through small improvements and gradual lifestyle change to ensure your health and wellness.
OXYGEN BAR - When you inhale the purified air of the Weiler Academy's Oxygen Bar it's like taking a breath of the purest mountain air!
Group Classes - The Weiler Academy offers many different classes for all age and fitness levels.
BODY TREATMENTS - Enjoy hour long relaxing lymphatic drainage treatments at the Weiler Academy. These body treatments promote stimulating blood circulation and elimates toxins.
INFRARED SAUNA - Enjoy a relaxing stress reducing infrared sauna at the Weiler Academy.
GYROTONIC® METHOD - Weiler Academy offers the GYROTONIC® Method - an original and unique system that improves strength and movement efficiency.
REIKI / MASSAGE - Weiler Academy offers the healing energy of Reiki. Full body massage help release tension and toxins trapped in our bodies.
AU NATURALE COSMETICS - The Weiler Academy is Green Bay's only designated Au Naturale retailer.
Weiler Academy Online Fitness
Weiler Academy Fit Kidz Programs


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We are a state-of-the-art fitness, spa and lifestyle center that improves our client’s wellbeing using innovative fitness and functional movement, bodywork, stress reduction, nutrition, skincare and relaxation techniques to find the pathway toward physical and emotional wellbeing.

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