The Weiler Academy is the “Home of Mind & Body Balance.” We are an educational center that will encourage you to rejuvenate your mind, strengthen and re-align your body to cope with your everyday busy-lifestyle. We aim in guiding you to lead a healthier, more balanced life – whether for sport, pregnancy, recovery or overall well-being.

Our innovative Weiler Method with state of the art equipment and skincare techniques will leave you powerful, energized, healthy and guarantee a balanced body. We are unique!

Carlyn and Wolfgang Weiler are the forces behind Weiler Academy and the Weiler Method. The Weiler’s knowledge and background in their respective fields bring a diverse training program that provides world-class fitness and master Pilates training. Specializing in the finest mind and body techniques, Weiler Academy is proven to achieve optimal performance in all aspects of life – whether for sport, life, pregnancy, recovery, or rehab.